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Customer Experience Training with Scott McKain

Scott McKain’s customer experience training programs teach teams and individual professionals what it takes to create undying loyalty and enless referrals.

The Ultimate Customer Experience® Training Platform

Imagine customer experience training with Scott McKain as your coach without the need of a scheduled meeting or conference venue — a solution at a time that works best for you.


The Ultimate Customer Experience Book by Scott McKain


Video Sessions
CX Development

Customer Experience Training for Teams & Individual Professionals

Scott will be your virtual coach providing insight, inspiration and challenges to prepare you for the weeks ahead.

Whether used as a learning initiative after a live event with Scott or as a stand-alone development resource, Ultimate CX® will keep participants engaged and motivated through accountability goals.

What’s included


Video Sessions

as MP4 recordings



for digital download


Scott McKain

as your personal coach


Ultimate CX® Book

included 5 steps

From the Book…

Stop and consider for a moment a time when YOU were a customer and
treated in a manner that you would emphatically declare to be an “ultimate

Write down what it was — specifically — regarding the way you interacted
with a customer representative, clerk, sales person, or member of a support team
that made this particular situation stand out as being an “ultimate experience.”

Maybe it was a terrific product that made your heart sing…service that
made you feel as though you were a highly valued client…a specific compliment
from a sales associate…perhaps a movie that made you laugh or cry — or both!
What was the last time when you were a customer and you felt YOU received an
“Ultimate Customer Experience?”

Seriously. Stop right now…and write it down!


No matter if you engage your people through meetings or provide internal access for individual learning sessions, you and your teams will have a complete training package that will create conversations about improvment, growth and change.


Scott’s approach to learning will provide you, as an individual professional, a go-forward action plan to ensure results AND an accountability strategy to support your success.

Scott made a great impression on our clients at our event and we know he will have the same effect on our Sales and Account Management teams!


The only speaker in the history of our company to have received a perfect score from EVERY attendee at our most important global partners event.


About Scott.

About Scott McKain

Scott McKain is a cutomer experience (the Ultimate CX and distinction expert teaching companies and individuals how to establish strategies and execute seamlessly to stand out from the competition. Know internationally as a top-rated keynote speaker, Scott’s clients represent the world’s most iconic brands.

He has delivered over 2000 presentations in 36 countries across six of the seven continents helping audiences create more compelling connections, provide utlimate customer experiences and stand out personally and profesionally.

Scott shares his distinctive ideas and iconic speaking style to the most important events in the world.

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